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Graduate Student / Educator / Mother / Grand-Mother / Wife / Pet Lover

Boozhoo / Aniin / Tansi / Tawow / Hello / Welcome

I am from Territory 2 in Manitoba, I also identify myself with Territory 1, as my late father originates from there. I currently live on Territory 5, in my husbands community where I now call home. I am a mother, grandmother, wife and lifelong educator. I am a new teacher, when covid entered our world so did all my experiences with teaching. My experiences are comprised of both Blended and Online learning. Due to the nature of my teaching experiences I was able to learn from various platforms targeting elementary school students to the high school level. Drawing on the experiences I found online learning to be very difficult for everyone, including the teacher. I found developing blended content to be easily doable however it was just the delivery, should it have been consistent the students would have been able to grasp navigating therefore applying the knowledge.

One way I can describe blended and online learning

I would describe blended and online learning, amalgamated with Indigenous Pedagogy through an image I share on my twitter account…


3 responses to “Boozhoo / Aniin / Tansi / Tawow / Hello / Welcome”

  1. Tansi Priscilla, thank you for sharing your experiences. My experience has been somewhat limited, but I am enjoying the readings to learn more about Blended/Online Learning. What platforms did you use with your students? Did you find the platform(s) easy to learn/use? For now, I’m leaning toward the easiest platform to build a course/program because I don’t anticipate it to be an easy task to create content, learn/navigate a platform, and consider activities/assessments that fit well (and are interesting to students). Good luck on your first assignment tomorrow! Donna.

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    • Hi Donna. The platforms I used with my students given the grade for some was Seesaw and for High School it was D2L. I found the platforms that I used were fairly easy once I got the hang of it. I did try Good Classroom but it was required of me so I didn’t go too far into it. I am not familiar with Canvas but I found being immersed in D2L I feel some what confident in using it for the LMS of choice and course assignments. I was able to get a 30 day trial with it. Don’t forget to come into the Discord where we can ask questions and gain insight into other’ questions and resources. I find that very helpful, I got going just from asking questions on there. Sending you good thoughts as you make way through your course profile and reach out if need be. Priscilla


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