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Engagement and Community

The type of LMS forum I plan on implementing to my course prototype is the LMS is the D2L Brightspace, blog, hashtags, PowerPoint with audio, video chats, padlet, mentimeter and nearpod. Most of them I am familiar with, some I learned from other colleagues that I feel comfortable trying, just to get myself familiar with using.

The more forms the better when interacting with students. However, in saying that it would be ideal to introduce one at a time.

The various forms I choose to engage with students is important, it will help build the relationship needed through student/teacher, it will help builds onto their knowledge, organize, help generate ideas in reaching a good understanding through dialogue such as discussion forums.

Guidelines and assessment practices I will adopt to ensure interactions with my students are meaningful, supportive, engaging and relevant are; (1) creating a plan for communication, can be done at the onset of class, like the creation of a calendar, announcements, or texts and just building community (2) establishing a social presence and environment, ensuring students are interacting with their teacher/instructor, peers, a connection that fosters social immediate presence, an introductory video would be ideal and allowing them to do the same (3) meeting in real synchronous time, which allows for getting to know each other and sharing information (4) creating opportunities for information and sharing, like allowing group work (5) using collaborative learning, which allows students to get to know each other online and requiring students to work together, examples are seminar (6) developing mini-communities or break-out rooms, provides for smaller groups that can provide opportunities for those hesitant to participate or share.


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