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Graduate Student / Educator / Mother / Grand-Mother / Wife / Pet Lover

Reflection – Summary of Learning…

Farewell Folks! As part of my summary of learning, I had the opportunity of learning from you and with you in this course, from my instructor, the content delivered, videos, guest speakers, readings, discussions, breakout rooms, seminar, discord, the blog hub created around the aspects of the evolving use of technology, its a continuous progression and the unlimited tools emerging helps students like me grow further.

I really enjoyed this course, it allowed me to learn so much more at the technological level, it allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, think and create. I will walk away with more tools which I will use as a student and as an educator. It was also my first computer course taken at the graduate level which makes me think I would like to take another computer course. This course is a tool for my toolbox I would like to have handy and build upon.

One of the key components that was reinforced in my learning was the term blended and online learning. It is a familiar term no doubt as a new teacher during the Covid era. I have come to realize that it is comprised and links to many other terms that are just as noteworthy such as synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid with more to discover. However, I am much more informed on the benefits and challenges on each and its role.  

There is much to consider when delivering blended and online learning courses. I learned meeting students where they are is critical. Where we stand today in this evolutionary milieu, most teachers are prepared to teach in both blended and online classrooms. While University teachers are prepared to teach in a much more sophisticated way, blended, online, synchronous, asynchronous and Hybrid. However, all these ways of delivering content, it allows for flexibility for the teacher and the students, there is choices and there are benefits but there are also challenges at the pedagogical, social, and ethical levels.

I see hybrid learning as a fundamental teaching tool, it allows for students to have the choice of learning the traditional way of in-person learning, while accessing the learning online, or both. I believe it can be the most beneficial option because ultimately nothing beats the traditional method of face-to-face teaching and learning. Many students are feeling the need to connect to others in-person while there are still those that benefit from learning online to work independently while balancing life at home.

Some notable things to consider when developing blended and online learning is to ensure the web content created is accessible to users with disabilities and taking into consideration cultural and ideological factors.   

As for what the future holds, there tends to be the need and push for further evolvement around the ideology that artificial intelligence can be beneficial to human and to prepare for it. It is already taking lead in most aspects of our lives without even realizing. Such examples are smart cars, face recognition, digital assistant, Netflix, Emotech, Pathai, drones, gaming industry, banking, and GPRS/Navigation. Take this as a sign that things are changing and so should we!

Hope you enjoy the PowerPoint videos of my Summary of Learning and Course Walkthrough! They are very basic but that is a prime example of taking a synchronous course while balancing life as a home as a stay home mom and foster parent.  


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